A dense form of nutrition in a delicious probiotic treat for your dog.  Formulated using a unique fermentation process, these treats are packed with protein, trace elements, glucosamine and shark cartilage.  Just one treat per day will increase your dog's ability to achieve and maintain gastrointestinal health.  You will notice a shine to their coat and a skip in their step in no time at all.





Ingredients:  Wheat, rolled oats, barley, rye, rice, linseed, maize, mung beans, soya beans, millet, alfalfa seed, buckwheat, spirulina, sweet potato, alfalfa grass, barley grass, barley grass, wheat grass, adzuki beans, quinoa, *calcium, *kelp, *glucosamine, *shark cartilage, rice malt, tahini, coconut oil, molasses * non organic ingredients.  


PetPepUp Dog Treats, 32 X 22gm