Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

Dogs that suffer from anxiety, fear or fear related aggression can benefit from CMT.

It might take time to earn their trust but I am patient and understanding. Freya (pictured) does not suffer from anxiety at all! She's a cool dog and enjoys her therapy a lot!

  • As a CMT practitioner backed with my veterinary industry experience, I am trained in Anatomy, Physiology, Systems, Sports Massage and Behaviour.  This knowledge will enable your dog to receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan.

  • Canine Myofunctional Therapy has many benefits when applied correctly. Massage will increase circulation, not only of the vascular system, but also the lymphatic system. This can hasten the elimination of toxins. 

  • Elderly dogs can be highly arthritic and too painful to massage in all areas.  Approaching these cases with a careful plan can be extremely beneficial. Therapeutic massage will release tight, dysfunctional muscles and also stimulate a myofascial release. This is so important because increased circulation will keep the fascia hydrated resulting in added elasticity and suppleness of muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Passive stretching is often helpful to enhance your dogs range of movement and slowly build their flexibility and confidence.

  • Working with the approval of a veterinarian, pre and post operative massage is a wonderful addition to the healing process.  By increasing circulation and inducing heat, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the muscle tissue and is vital for muscles to live and repair.

  • Working dogs do a lot of running and jumping.  Massage is a great way to keep them agile and happy.